The Department of Architecture (DoA), under the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at UET Lahore, is an academic entity mandated to offer the full array of creative disciplines that help delineate our built environment. The departmental pedagogy exhibits a strong belief in the fact that the purpose of university education, above and beyond professional training is broadening intellectual horizons and producing enlightened and progressive members of society. Hence the teaching practices at the department aim to achieve these objectives by providing a thorough knowledge base through a formal curriculum, combined with exposure to a social and intellectual environment developed and maintained through informal and co-curricular activities. The students are encouraged to actively participate in different student societies: Dramatic Society, Literary Society, Debating Society, and Environment & Horticulture Society (EHS). The students are also encouraged to participate in national and provincial activities under the patronization of the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) and the Institute of Architects, Pakistan (IAP).

At present, the Department of Architecture offers three degree programs:

  • Bachelor in Architecture (B.ARCH)
  • Master in Architecture (M.ARCH)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture (Ph.D)

The Department of Architecture was established in 1962 and has the distinction of being the first in the country to offer a 5-year professional bachelor’s degree in Architecture. The Department, thus, has been the fundamental contributor towards the founding and establishment of the profession of Architecture in Pakistan and maintaining its leading role through offering higher programs of architectural education. These programs include Master in Architecture (M.Arch) and Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture (Ph.D.) degrees. In the 60 years since its founding, the DoA has produced over 1500 graduate architects, and through these alumni, the department has the honor and credit of shaping a significant part of the current built environment in the country.

Over the decades, the department has developed an unmatched expertise in various facets of the profession of Architecture. At present, DoA has the most competent and highly qualified faculty, offering expertise in diverse areas of architectural research and providing students with a well-rounded education. DoA’s faculty far surpasses any other school/department of architecture in the country. The department thus has not only maintained its leading role in architectural education, but it is also set to expand its frontiers even further.

B.Arch is a five-year program leading to a professional degree in Architecture. Graduates of this program fulfill all licensing requirements of the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), and subject to registration with it, are able to practice Architecture anywhere in Pakistan.

The B.Arch program of study is highly demanding and only those students are recommended to apply who are willing to work long hours. Furthermore, a significant component of studies involves fieldwork, where students are required to visit construction sites, conduct field surveys, and join out-of-station study tours. B.Arch degree is awarded upon successful completion of all requirements including approved credit hours (about 174 ), which includes theory and practical courses, as well as project-based studio courses, ending with a research and design-based thesis project. The degree requirements also include 12 weeks of internship in a professional establishment, which typically takes place during the summer months.

Those seeking admission to the B.Arch program should have a Higher Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate degree (Pre-Engineering) or have done A-Levels or equivalent qualifications with Maths as a compulsory subject. The minimum and maximum duration for B.Arch is 5 and 7 years respectively, which is counted from the date of registration.

The Master’s degree program in Architecture was instituted in 1990. M.Arch degree requirements are fulfilled upon completion of 30 credit hours, which includes 24 credit hours of coursework and 6 credit hours of research Thesis. DoA’s M.Arch program is very popular and competitive, attracting students from all over the country who show a keen interest in obtaining admission. Our M.Arch students carry out comprehensive research projects related to various aspects of the built environment and the architectural heritage. These projects help in understanding unexplored aspects of our built environment and propose innovative solutions.

Those seeking admission to the M.Arch program should have an undergraduate degree in either Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, or City and Regional Planning, from a PCATP- or PEC-accredited institute. The minimum and maximum duration for M.Arch is 1.5 and 4 years respectively, which is counted from the date of registration.

The Ph.D. program is offered to make a distinct and valuable contribution to the existing body of knowledge. It is generally expected that candidates who wish to join the program have had significant professional experience and have developed an interest in some particular aspect of the built environment that they wish to explore further. It is expected that the doctoral program will help develop the culture of research and inquiry beyond the realm of the academic world, and will thus contribute towards the development of the profession of architecture in the country.

The Ph.D. degree program requirements are fulfilled upon successful completion of 24 credit hours of coursework in addition to doctoral research that culminates in a dissertation. The minimum and maximum duration for Ph.D. is 5 and 7 years respectively, which is counted from the date of registration.

The degree programs in Architecture provide a liberal introduction to studying architecture as a discipline and produce all-rounder individuals who can play a leading role in shaping a healthy society. Students gain a critical and ethical awareness of architecture with much to offer in the face of many of today’s most pressing societal challenges. DoA’s B.Arch program equips students to join other design fields or related disciplines, and it prepares students for the Master of Architecture degree. The course content includes Basic Design, Architectural Design, History of Architecture, Materials and Construction, Physical Environmental Studies, Structural Systems, Theory of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, etc. Research Methodology etc. The first year begins by introducing the fundamentals before studies of the major subjects in which students are required to design projects of different typologies. The students can have a better sense of life and the ability to produce a well-adjusted whole by blending different aspects: function, form, structure, techniques, context, and culture.

The working environment within the Department of Architecture is pleasant and intimate. The students spend a significant part of their working in Design Studios which, coupled with low student intake, ensures a high degree of interaction between students, and also between faculty members and students.The students and faculty of the department frequently arrange and participate in non-academic and social events, and volunteer their time and efforts for the betterment of society.

The spacious internal courtyard of the department acts as a social space where students from different academic levels interact and share their experiences. This historic courtyard is also used for various design and drawing activities and also enhances the interaction between students and faculty.

In addition to the above, a fully equipped computer laboratory is part of the department to meet the academic and Information Technology requirements. The department is also working to establish a Centre for Architecture in Pakistan, which will focus on studying and analyzing the past, present, and future trends for the development of the built environment.  Moreover, the Department of Architecture has well-furnished faculty offices, design studios, lecture theatres, and a library.


The department has a well-stocked library with a large number of books and magazines on Basic Design, Architectural Design, History of Architecture, Building Construction, Physical Environmental Studies, Theory of Architecture, Urban Planning & Design, Research Methodology, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, etc. Other than books and Journals, a separate section exists that contains copies of B.Arch and M.Arch theses, as well as Ph.D. dissertations, on a variety of topics.