The UET School of Architecture and Design (SoAAD) is an academic entity mandated to offer the full array of creative disciplines that help delineate our built environment. SoAAD strongly believes that the purpose of university education, above and beyond professional training, is to produce enlightened and progressive members of society. Therefore, the primary objectives of SoAAD learning environment are opening up of intellectual horizons and development of a balanced personality. SoAAD attempts to achieve these objectives through a widening of knowledge base in the formal curriculum, and exposure to a social and intellectual environment developed and maintained through informal and co-curricular activities. Presently under the School there are two degree awarding departments:

(A) Department of Architecture
(B) Department of Product & Industrial Design

The academic disciplines in the Department of Architecture include programs in:

  • Bachelor in Architecture (B. ARCH)
  • Master in Architecture (M. ARCH)
  • Ph.D in Architecture

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