Most of the faculty is also involved in research. The research interests of faculty include:

  1. Architectural Heritage of Pakistan
  2. Conservation of Historic Built Environment
  3. Energy Efficient Architecture
  4. Planning and Design for Disaster-Prone Areas
  5. Housing and Urban Studie


  • Dr.Abdul Rehman (Professor /Director SoAAD)
    Urban Design
    Architectural Heritage in Pakistan
  • Dr. M. Yusuf Awan (Professor / Chairman Of The Dept)
    Conservation of Built Heritage
    World Civilizations & Architectural Heritage Cultural & Architectural Heritage of Pakistan
  • Dr. Siddiq a Akbar (Professor)
    Housing in Disaster-prone Areas
  • Dr. Neelum Naz ( Professor)
    External Environment, Sustainability and User Satisfaction in Housing.
  • Mr. Muhammad Arshad (Associate Professor)
    Physical Environmental Studies Solar Architecture in Pakistan – Urban Domestic Architecture
  • Mr. Shahid Jamal (Assistant Professor)
    Historic Mosques of Lahore
  • Ms. Shama Anbrine (Lecturer)
    Technological Advancements and Conservation Of Built Heritage

The department is working to establish an E-Library and Centre for Architecture in Pakistan, which will focus on studying the past, present and the future trends for the development of built environment in Pakistan.