Bachelor’s Degree Program in Architecture (B.ARCH)

B.Arch is a five-year program leading to a professional degree in Architecture. Graduates of this program fulfill all licensing requirements of the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP), and subject to registration with it, are able to practice Architecture anywhere in Pakistan.

The B.Arch program of study is highly demanding and only those students are recommended to apply who are willing to work long hours. Furthermore, a significant component of studies involves fieldwork, where students are required to visit construction sites, conduct field surveys, and join out-of-station study tours. B.Arch degree is awarded upon successful completion of all requirements including approved credit hours (about 174 ), which includes theory and practical courses, as well as project-based studio courses, ending with a research and design-based thesis project. The degree requirements also include 12 weeks of internship in a professional establishment, which typically takes place during the summer months. Those seeking admission to the B.Arch program should have a Higher Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate degree (Pre-Engineering) or have done A-Levels or equivalent qualifications with Maths as a compulsory subject. The minimum and maximum duration for B.Arch is 5 and 7 years respectively, which is counted from the date of registration.



Contact Hours & Credit Hours Applicable to 2022 Session Onwards
Course codes Course Title Con Hrs Cr Hrs Subject Type
Arch:101 Basic Design – I 0+10 0+5 B
Arch:105 Materials and Construction – I 1+2 1+1 AB
Arch:106 History of Civilizations 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:107 Free Hand Sketching 0+4 0+2 B
CE:101 Elementary Surveying 3+3 3+1 AB
HU: 111 Communication Skills 0+2 0+1 B
QT-101 Translation of the Holy Quran 1+0 1+0 A
    28 17
SECOND SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:111 Basic Design – II 0+10 0+5 B
Arch:117 Structural Systems – I 1+2 1+1 AB
Arch:116 History of Architecture – I 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:119 Architectonics 0+6 0+3 B
Arch:118 Architectural Graphics – I 0+6 0+3 B
HU/IS:101 Islamic and Pakistan Studies-I 3+0 3+0 A
  Total 30 18  
THIRD SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:201 Architectural Design – I 0+12 0+6 C
Arch:207 Structural Systems – II 1+2 1+1 AB
Arch:205 History of Architecture-II 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:204 Architectural Graphics-II 0+4 0+2 B
Arch:206 Environmental Control-I 2+2 2+1 AB
HU/IS-202 Islamic & Pak Studies-II 3+0 3+0 A
  Total 28 18
FOURTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:211 Architectural Design – II 0+12 0+6 C
Arch:215 Materials and Construction-II 1+2 1+1 AB
Arch:218 History of Architecture-III 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:214 Architectural Graphics-III 0+4 0+2 B
Arch:216 Environmental Control-II 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:217 Computer Application in Architecture-I 0+4 0+2 B
QT-201 Translation of the Holy Quran 1+0 1+0 A
  Total 30 18
FIFTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:304 Architectural Design–III 0+14 0+7 C
Arch:302 Building Services 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:303 Environmental Psychology 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:306 Energy Efficient Architecture 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:307 Computer Application in Architecture –II 0+4 0+2 B
HU:211L Technical Writing and Presentation Skills 0+2 0+1 B
  Total 30 18  
SIXTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:314 Architectural Design–IV 0+14 0+7 C
Arch:312 Architectural Working Drawings 0+4 0+2 B
Arch:315 Theory of Architecture 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:317 Interior Design 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:318 Computer Application in Architecture –III 0+4 0+2 B
QT-301 Translation of the Holy Quran 1+0 1+0 A
  Total 29 17
SEVENTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:401 Architectural Design–V 0+16 0+8 C
Arch:403 History, Theory & Criticism 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:406 Research & Report Writing 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:407 Landscape Design 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:409 Urban Design 2+0 2+0 A
CS-103 Introduction to Computer Programming for Data Science 2+3 2+1 AB
  Total 31 20  
EIGHTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:411 Architectural Design–VI 0+16 0+8 C
Arch:413 Architecture in Pakistan 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:417 Conservation of Historic Buildings 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:416 Elective-I a.  Architecture and Digital Fabrication b.  Climate Change and the Built Environment c.  Entrepreneurship in Architecture 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:419 Urban Design Studio 0+4 0+2 B
QT-401 Translation of the Holy Quran 1+0 1+0 A
  Total 27 17  
NINTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:501 Thesis Design-I 0+20 0+10 C
Arch:502 Project Management 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:505 Elective-II a.  Theories of Digital Design b.  Housing Issues in Pakistan for Architects c.  Architectural Photography 2+0 2+0 A
  Total 26 15
TENTH SEMESTER Th+ Pr Th+ Pr Subject Type
Arch:515 Elective-III a.  Earthquake Architecture b.  Sustainable Architecture c.  Anthropology 2+0 2+0 A
Arch:516 Architectural Practice and Ethics 2+2 2+1 AB
Arch:599 Thesis Design-II 0+22 0+11 C
  Total 28 16  
Total contact hours:  289
Total credit hours:  174