Departmental Labs

Materials and Construction Laboratory

The Materials and Construction Laboratory is equipped with samples of different building components and materials. The lectures are followed by a visit to the laboratory to create a relationship between theory and practical. Professional architects are invited to give presentations to make students understand techniques to handle different materials.

Physical Environmental Laboratory

The objective of the Physical and Environmental Laboratory is to produce climate responsive, sustainable and energy efficient Building Design. The Laboratory is equipped with latest experimental equipments as Digital Lux meters, Sound meters, Anemometers, wind vane, infra-red laser surface temperature recorder, temperature and humidity recorder etc. Software like Weather Tool, Solar Tool, Ecotect,WinAir4, HTB2, etc are being used for climate , lighting, CFD(computational fluid dynamics) and thermal analysis, (detail building Simulation)

Computer Laboratory

The department has a well equipped Computer Laboratory comprising of 40 Core-I-5 computers and printing accessories. The lecture theaters are also equipped with modern teaching aids including audio visual aids such as multimedia projectors, screens etc.