The Department of Architecture is continuously striving to improve the standard of postgraduate teaching and research quality and to bring it at par with the best universities in the world. Currently, DoA offers two post-graduate programs:

  • Master’s Degree Program in Architecture (M.ARCH)

The Master’s degree program in Architecture was instituted in 1990. M.Arch degree requirements are fulfilled upon completion of 30 credit hours, which includes 24 credit hours of coursework and 6 credit hours of research Thesis. DoA’s M.Arch program is very popular and competitive, attracting students from all over the country who show a keen interest in obtaining admission. Our M.Arch students carry out comprehensive research projects related to various aspects of the built environment and the architectural heritage. These projects help in understanding unexplored aspects of our built environment and propose innovative solutions.

Those seeking admission to the M.Arch program should have an undergraduate degree in either Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, or City and Regional Planning, from a PCATP- or PEC-accredited institute. The minimum and maximum duration for M.Arch is 1.5 and 4 years respectively, which is counted from the date of registration.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. program is offered to make a distinct and valuable contribution to the existing body of knowledge. It is generally expected that candidates who wish to join the program have had significant professional experience and have developed an interest in some particular aspect of the built environment that they wish to explore further. It is expected that the doctoral program will help develop the culture of research and inquiry beyond the realm of the academic world, and will thus contribute towards the development of the profession of architecture in the country.

The Ph.D. degree program requirements are fulfilled upon successful completion of 24 credit hours of coursework in addition to doctoral research that culminates in a dissertation. The minimum and maximum duration for Ph.D. is 5 and 7 years respectively, which is counted from the date of registration.

Postgraduate (M.Arch & Ph.D.) Programs in Architecture

List of Core, Elective, and Mandatory Courses

Group-A: Core Courses

Course Code
Course Title
Arch: 602 Research Methodology
Arch: 603 Architectural Heritage of Pakistan
Arch: 605 Theory of Architecture
Arch: 610 Energy Efficient Architecture
Arch: 614 Framework for Sustainable Design
Arch: 621 Understanding Urban Settlements
Arch: 638 Architectural Research Methods
Arch: 640 Analysis of Architectural Precedent

Group-B: Electives Courses

Course Code
Course Title
Arch: 601 Architectural Design Studio-I
Arch: 604 Contemporary Architecture in Pakistan
Arch: 606 Urban Design Studio-I
Arch: 607 History of Urban Form
Arch: 608 Integrated Building Design
Arch: 609 Building Services and Systems
Arch: 611 Earthquake Architecture-I
Arch: 612 Sultanate Period Architecture
Arch: 613 Theory of Digital Design Culture
Arch: 615 History of Lahore
Arch: 616 Interior Design
Arch: 617 Landscape Architecture
Arch: 618 Oriental Language
Arch: 619 Approaches to Study Architectural History
Arch: 620 Architectural Design Studio-II
Arch: 622 Advanced Architectural Presentation
Arch: 623 Business Communication
Arch: 624 Conservation of Architectural Heritage
Arch: 625 Conservation of Urban Built Heritage
Arch: 626 Legislation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
Arch: 627 Urban Design Studio–II
Arch: 628 Technologies and Strategies for Passive Design Architecture
Arch: 629 Advanced Structural Systems
Arch: 630 Construction Management
Arch: 631 Building Energy Simulation and Design
Arch: 632 Earthquake Architecture-II
Arch: 633 Urban Renewal and Revitalization in Practice
Arch: 634 Comprehensive Urban Planning Studies
Arch: 635 Histography of Islamic Art and Architecture
Arch: 636 Historic Architecture of Gujarat and Rajasthan
Arch: 637 Cross-cultural Visual Art Exchanges: West Asia, Central Asia & Sub-Continent
Arch: 639 Culture in International Contexts
Arch: 641 Parametric Urbanism
Arch: 642 Biomimicry in Architecture
Arch: 643 Islamic Funerary Architecture
Arch: 644 Ornamentation in Islamic Architecture
Arch: 645 Advanced Architectural Studio

Group-C: Mandatory Courses

Course Code
Course Title
Arch: 699

Arch: 799

Thesis (Compulsory)

PhD Dissertation (Compulsory)